Not thrilled about Skaha Park turn of events

While it was interesting, and enlightening, to listen to the City of Penticton’s interim Chief Administrative Officer present the council report on the issue of permitting a private, for-profit, developer to build on city public parkland, I also checked the city’s website for details of the Revised Proposal from Trio Marine Group.

As we now know, waterslide development on said public parkland has been scrapped.

Why am I not super thrilled about this latest turn of events?

City council has given the citizens of Penticton less than seven days to review the council report (12 pages) along with the 17 other documents listed on this link. Sadly, only for those with Internet access, and a printer should they want a hard copy.

I understand that others will have to wait until the Nov. 8 special city council “info session” to get a hard copy. A copy of what? This council report, Tuesday’s presentation (50 pages), settlement agreement (13 pages), proposed agreement (37 pages), license to use agreement (11 pages), sub-license of occupation (14 pages) or the dozen schedules of various pages?

Is it a typo on the first page of Mr. Moroziuk’s council report? It states that the special council meeting is on Nov. 6, which is next Sunday, with no mention of time or place.  Mayor Jakubeit announced tonight there will be a special city council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. Or, is there another special meeting on Nov. 6?  It was encouraging to know, that if the citizens of Penticton need more time to hear, discuss and have their questions and concerns answered, that city council are “considerate” enough to have further special meetings on this issue.

Brigid Kemp