No to meters at Skaha Park

Dear City Council members:

Are you kidding? Parking meters in beautiful Skaha Park?

It has to be only about money to feel the need to put parking meters into the Skaha Lake area. Maybe consider putting a stop to buying very expensive electric cars for staff instead?

Hmmmm, I wonder how the discarding of all those batteries will help the environment? Perhaps bikes or scooters especially in summer would be wiser and certainly a more economical mode of travel for city council members.

With property taxes and 10,000 more people predicted to move here soon maybe better money management is needed.

The park and beach are in constant use. There’s easy access to already installed free parking spaces for the elderly, families, infirm, and teens. Very much unlike the Okanagan Lake access.

What I’ve seen daily at Skaha are all sorts of things coming out of those cars and trucks — walkers, picnic supplies, chairs, floatation devices, balls and a lot of very small children. To ask the people who require cars to get there to spend $2 to $8 is unfair.

I know I will park on a residential street rather than be running back to my car to feed the meter. I would suggest others do the same. When that becomes a no parking zone, then perhaps the volleyball courts will do. Even on the busiest  of days, I’ve only seen three courts used.

Or we could all park at the meters and take off our license plates to show protest. Of course those cars may be towed even if the vehicles were chained to the meter, but what a naughty idea! At least council would notice.

As in the protests against the slide, this council does not seem to be paying attention. Please, mayor and council, think about the people. No meters at Skaha.

Eunice Burke