No recall laws at local level

Dear Editor:

The last several weeks have been very interesting in Penticton.   A group of residents are still very upset with the decision of the Penticton City Council to allow a private company to build on park land.   The council has given the private company a long term lease to construct a waterslide park on City park land property.

Now, a group of Penticton residents want the council to reverse the decision and cancel the permit. They also want the City Council and mayor to resign from their elected position.  The group of residents has started a recall  petition to oust the council.

However such action is not a statue in B.C. and the group should inform themselves by reading the BC Community Charter before going all out. The group of residents would have to wait until the next municipal election to oust the elected officials.

We do have a recall legislation regarding MLAs in B.C. Please note B.C. is the only province in Canada that gives residents an opportunity to dethrone a sitting MLA. Also keep in mind it was tried 24 times in B.C. since 1997 and failed each time.

It is tough to say what lesson will be learned from this waterslide fiasco.

How many residents did vote in Penticton at the last municipal election? They wanted a change, so be happy you got one.

Henry Stern