No one will be re-elected

Dear Editor:

So it appears that five members of this council have no interest in getting re-elected! Either that or they’re living in Cloud Cuckoo Land!

After the obvious opposition to the Trio deal, they still approved it. Do they seriously imagine that peoples’ memories are so short that they will have forgotten this come 2018?

Coun. Campbell Watt may get some support since he voted against it but the voters will still remember that he was one of the councillors who voted to start this debacle in the first place. Coun. Tarik Sayeed obviously doesn’t intend to run since his focus is elsewhere.

After much talk that it would cost $250,000 to break the deal, now they are saying the cost would be in seven-figures. What about the seven-figures of taxpayers money they will now waste defending the two pending lawsuits?

Not to mention that, if the court allows the contract to proceed, the next mayor and council will likely be largely comprised of candidates who have vowed to unwind the deal and this will involve considerably more expense than would have been incurred if they had scrapped it now.

I suspect that, if our councillors had to fund this out of their own pockets, the decision would have been very different.

Brian Butler