No net benefits from destruction

Dear Editor:

By now it should be abundantly clear to Penticton City Council, our Chamber of Commerce and Trio Marine Group that there is a distinct lack of community support for any commercial development in Skaha Lake Park.

The majority of Penticton citizens are not prepared to idly stand by and see green space in Skaha Lake Park destroyed for any reason, let alone one which has no net benefits to our community.

An overwhelming majority of letters to the editor and boots on the ground against the development proposal have been responded to by what is now clearly a silent small minority of those in favour of “improving” the park by tearing up green space and replacing it with asphalt.

It must surely be time for Penticton City Council to accept the wishes of the majority of their citizens and cancel this development project. It should also be time for the Chamber of Commerce to withdraw their support for an unpopular commercial development in a publicly owned natural park.

Trio Marine Group must reconsider a development plan which has the wholehearted opposition of the majority of people living in Penticton and surrounding areas.

Today’s children will not thank their elders for a future waterslide venue, or hotel, created at the expense of irreplaceable natural green park space.

John McLeod