No expiration date on common sense

Dear Editor:

“I think if nothing else, this last few months have really brought out the passion in people for parks and the need for us to really look at putting some more clarity around what happens in and around parks and what’s permitted or allowable and, moving forward, how we should view parks.” —Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit (Herald, Aug. 19).

“It’s time we look ahead, and while we’re moving forward with the Skaha Marina waterslide project, now is the time to initiate a community dialogue about parks,” Mayor Jakubeit also says.

Why are we “moving forward with the Skaha Marine waterslide project?” Since we have good ideas and common sense had an expiration date? The first paragraph of this letter is a good idea and does make sense and should be acted on immediately, before it’s too late.

Mr. Jakubeit, hold a referendum now!

Roger Cormier