Next council will be paying

Next council will be paying

Dear editor:

Council just recently announced how they are going to try and resolve that Skaha Park nightmare they have got themselves into. It will be through a “public consultation process.”

On Nov. 23 they intend to hold a public meeting to explain the latest agreement they have reached and proposed with Trio in the hope to satisfy any public concerns.

They certainly need to clarify the proposed contract, especially the reference to the “Proposed Park Amenity” (PPA).

But even if they clarify that part of the proposed agreement on Nov. 23, the “PPA” agreement does not come into effect until January 2018.

Now conversely, if there is enough public opposition to the proposed PPA, council will have basically received direction from public to cancel the contract? A proposal the mayor said could cost over $200,000 paid to Trio?

The second ridiculous part of the new proposed contract is the council will conduct another public consultation on the intended contract, specifically the use of the grass and the treed area in 2019.

Was 2019 a typo, or does that suggest they’re pushing their responsibility on this whole Skaha Park fiasco to allow commercial development into a 100-year-old, much-treasured city park onto the next council?

So with that proposal this whole fiasco of a 29-year plus lease will be the big issue of the next municipal election? Yes, and the next elected council will then have to write the big fat cheque.

May I make a simple suggestion to settle this issue? Just take any reference on the use of any grassed and treed area of the park out of the contract with Trio, even it is today, or in  2017, 2018 or beyond your term in 2019.

One last question, why are you still dealing with Trio anyway? Was it because you signed a 29-year plus lease with zero guarantees, plus you signed the lease with zero bonding to protect the city’s interest?

Now you want to consult with the public and have now hired two management staff to do your job for you and then if the general consensus is to get rid of the contract you can point your fingers at the public and say the public made us write the big fat settlement cheque.

Jake Kimberley