News clip misleading

Dear Editor:

The mayor wishes that we take more time to understand.

Understand what?

That council is making a sham out of democracy.  It should be the concerned citizens of Penticton who wish Council take more time to understand and listen to its citizens who paid for this park.

One does not need to have an Einstein IQ to understand and visualize that a two-foot high cement wall topped with a six-foot chainlink fence will not enhance our Skaha Lake Park as we are led to believe by Council and Trio.

Tom Dyas of Trio pointed out on Global News that there were areas in that part of the park that were underused and the CHBC camera zoomed in on a very sunny spot next to the fence of the trailer parking lot!

If the development will go ahead there will be much more underused park.

As for us, year-long users of the park, it will become far from pleasant to walk, jog or ride past meters of cement wall and chain-link fencing let alone sit near it if there are any benches left for us to sit on.

There will also be less access to the beach area adjoining the development.

Underused to me would be a waterslide complex surrounded by high fencing sitting idle for 10 months out of the year.

I was at the park when Global taped the interview with Tom Dyas and they did not give full credit to the use of that part of the park at that moment as there were definitely groups of people spread out sitting under trees for shade.

And way more kids were using the splash pad than we saw on that news clip.

Just because the cricket pitch in Stanley Park is not used on a daily basis does it mean that it should make way for a go-kart track?

The mayor wants us to limit water consumption by 30 per cent but behind our back allows Trio Marine to use, waste and pollute millions of liters of water.

I had to pick somebody up at Lakeshore Drive last week and just could not believe my eyes. Is that what the Chamber of Commerce, Penticton Tourism and City Council envisions for Skaha Park and calls it enhancement of commercial activity?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Elaine Vonck