New take on earth’s climate

Dear Editor:

There are a lot of scientific theories about global warming, many of which are contradictory and reflect the biases of those who subscribe to them.

We’ve recently seen another one by Northumbria University scientists which fingers that old warming culprit, the sun. Their hypothesis is that the sun experiences variations in magnetic patterns which produce recurring, and somewhat predictable, alternating periods of warming and cooling in our solar system.

The earth experienced this in a major way in the 1700s with diminished temperatures for a 65-year period based on recorded data. The prediction is that we are on the cusp of another such period from 2020 to 2053 where colder, longer winters and reduced periods of summer, with reduced agricultural production, will prevail.

This sounds like the post-nuclear winter theories which were so popular 40 years ago. Those who believe that all climate change is caused by human activities won’t like this one.

One summer doesn’t make a pattern, but the tomato patch tells me that we’ve had a cooler one this year because they’re later than usual. I’m moreinclined to trust my tomatoes on climate stuff than either Al Gore or the shirtless one. Besides, tomatoes won’t take our money and force us to live in the high density urban honeycombs prescribed by the UN’s Orwellian Agenda 21 which seems so appealing to the NDP and the Liberals.

City officials in Penticton and their Trio Marine associates might want to examine the climate change business before doing a Kamikaze act with their Brobdingnagian, bowel-like waterslide scheme (hopefully they won’t paint it pink.)

Short, cool summers would certainly change their business models and dampen revenue expectations.

Who knows, Skaha Lake might be frozen over for quite a few winters, maybe enough to make ice fishing shack rentals, beaver tail and poutine stands, and skating sports more lucrative business prospects.

That park seems wonderful just as it is. Some of the decision makers involved must have spent their formative years watching “3rd Rock from the Sun,” learning about the Home Planet where politicians are considered infallible and may hold office indefinitely, as long as they can outrun the giant fireball! (Talk about warming.)

There may even be some kindred characters playing out roles in the park imbroglio; weird Harry, a conflicted Dr Mary Albright, Tommy, the wise teenager, the omnipotent Big Giant Head, who only communicates by telepathy, and several Dicks.

John Thompson