New nickname: Lawsuit City

Dear Editor:

As I write this, I am wondering if there is any other Canadian city the size of Penticton that is experiencing litigation on two fronts because of the ineptitude of mayor and council and the disdain for the democratic process shown by same.

Mayor and council should feel proud of the fact that they have achieved what might be termed a “public first!” Maybe it’s time for a name change for our city! Lawsuit City has a certain ring doesn’t it?

I have read reports of the “plight of this city” in various newspapers including the Globe and Mail. Oh darn, I guess this wouldn’t be read by a certain councillor, would it, Coun. Max Picton? Doesn’t it make your heart sing to think that other villages, towns and cities are in the know of the City of Penticton’s legal woes — the electorate suing the City Council — in essence suing itself, if you will. Ludicrous or what you say?

Council, (especially the mayor), acting with arrogance and omniscience has brought about this state of affairs by showing token indifference to the principles of democracy.

This will, undoubtedly, be the legacy left by this council. If I were a member of this current council (which fortunately, I’m not), I shudder to think of what brush I’d be tarred with after my term is served.

If you attended the Peachfest parade, you may have noticed the mayor in the parade unobtrusively (no smile on his face) handing out candy and such. No, the mayor was not in a vehicle or on a float adorned with city references either. He was walking quietly down the street near the curb in the downtown area. What, no fanfare,

Mr. Mayor! Were you incognito?

From my vantage point, he did not stop to talk with anyone that I could see as long as he was in my view. Imagine that! What does that indicate? Who knows?

Lately, the mayor has been quoted in various social media as “hoping that all concerned with the current legal situation can sit down and discuss things to bring them to an out of court resolution.”

The question really is: “Mr. Mayor, where were you 10 months ago when you rammed the Trio waterslide deal down taxpayer’s throats?” That was the time for discourse, not now after you have been “caught with your fingers in a legal cookie jar!”

As taxpayers, it is wishful thinking to expect any “mea culpas” from the mayor and company!

Ron Barillaro