Naysayer old expression

Dear Editor:

The term “naysayer” has been around Penticton for 40 – 50 years.

It doesn’t matter how many people voted in the last election —  5,135 is still not a majority. How many people are basing their opinions on misinformation passed on by the “no” side or contained in letters to the editor?

How many are really concerned about  the environment and how many are basing their opinions on personal reasons?

The first petition was presented to Council by the Golden Dragons on June 29, 2015. It contained 65


Mr. Gary Denton states that the park should be free to all, not just those willing to pay a fee (Herald, Dec. 1). Trio can only charge for the waterslides and mini-golf. They cannot deny access to the area or charge for its use.

The splash pad, donated by the Rotary Club, is to be replaced by Trio and turned over to the city. It will still be free.

Skaha Lake Park is zoned  P2, parks and recreation. Waterslides are recreation. No referendum is necessary.

LocoLanding is a privately owned commercial business on city-owned land. It was once a beautiful green space. No referendum was held. This was done by a previous council.

Some people are concerned that Trio will go “belly-up” and cost taxpayers money.

 There are numerous clauses in the contract to safeguard against this, including bankruptcy. You don’t seem concerned about how much a referendum  or the City defending itself against a lawsuit will cost taxpayers. Nor are you  concerned about what it will cost taxpayers if Trio sues the city for breach of contract.

Some people have stated that the waterslides will use 25 – 29 per cent of the green space. It is only 11 – 13 per cent.

The contract states that 50 per cent of the rent is to be put in an

interest banking account to purchase land for parks and green space. The area will be landscaped with new trees, shrubs, etc. They will preserve as many pine trees as possible.

Some people have expressed that council has not done their “due diligence” regarding financing and letters of credit etc.

Articles 11.1 on page 17 and 16.2 on page 23 of the contract address these issues.

We must remember that any “nefarious schemes” commenced before the election in 2014 were done by a previous Council

 Merry Christmas, happy holidays everyone!

 Maureen Wood