Must stage an inquiry

Dear Editor:

People of Penticton, this city council must be stopped. This whole thing is embarrassing!

Please do the following.

On the Internet, read “the Corporation of the City of Penticton…Official Community Bylaw Plan No. 2002-20,by Mayor Mike Pearce /Council Part 1 Role.,Part, Scope of O.C.P.PAGES 0NE(1) TO SEVEN (7).”

The public “must be taken in to account property owners views are required for any changes to the parks of the community plan policy.”

Therefore, I, Don Stayko strongly suggest:

1. Immediately an injunction be served to the City of Penticton, mayor and council on all matters pertaining to Skaha Lake Park and Trio’s business transactions, thereby freezing all contractual and legal matters until legally advised otherwise. Everything remains in obeyance!

2. A public inquiry begin appointing a third party through the judicial/ provincial system as to any possible misconduct or misrepresentation by either or all parties in the matter of Skaha Lake Park. (This whole thing smells funny and with no public approval.)

3. The purpose of the above is to take the usage of Skaha Lake Park to its rightful purpose as the Skaha Lake Park as per part 1 of the Official Community Plan bylaw passed by mayor Mike Pearce and the council of the day.

4. The Penticton property taxpayer today should not be held responsible for misrepresentation that did not following municipal ethics.

My final question is in two parts.

If this was such an important matter for two years (if not longer) why wasn’t the Skaha Lake Park approval added to the election ballot in 2014 as a referendum question?

Why was the addition of medical benefits approved by city council never made public or added to the referendum for approval.

Don Stayko