Most expensive land is waterfront

Dear Editor:

My better half, Mavis, who is far better at the use of the English language in voicing an opinion, has been commenting on the proposed (a fact now?) water slide, with an opposite view from Crystal Olson.

I thought for a while it might turn into the female version of the Tom Ron conflict, but seems to have died out now. I know it has no bearing on what is happening regarding the water slide, but I thought I would make a comment, anyway.

I worked in the Kamloops area and Richmond, at the coast, in the municipal field. One of the things that a number of municipalities now require is that developers allocated a percentage of their development to parks, partly because of the cost.  The most expensive land is on waterfront.

A number of years ago a progressive Penticton council, with foresight saw the advantage of acquiring the properties around the north east part of Skaha Lake for a park area, for the benefit of the residents of Penticton. The Rotary service club donated money, time and effort to make some of this area great for families.

The present council thinks it is morally OK to ignore the previous wishes of councils and the Penticton people to make a portion of this land available to a private company.

Is the Trio company being rewarded in other ways?  It seems unreasonable to think that a company can make a profit by operating water slides for about three months a year.

Trio indicated in a letter to the Penticton Herald that information could be obtained by sending an email to them. Two weeks ago I asked in an email what the proposed rates would be for the water slides, no answer yet.

James Miller’s suggestion of locating the water slide on PIB land, on the channel near the new Green Ave. bridge would make it quite visible from the highway.  Whereas that is not the case at the location it is going.

So besides not taking park area away from the people of Penticton it might also generate more revenue.

Let’s hope that the children who can afford it enjoy the water slides as long as it survives.

Lloyd Creech