More people against slides

Dear editor:

It is interesting that approximately 100 people braving the elements (dry, but very windy) is considered to be “pretty decent turnout” by the organizer of the rally in support of the waterslides in Skaha Lake Park.

It is also fascinating that Tom Dias of Trio Marine Group interprets those 100 people as a crowd that reflects “lots of support” for building waterslides in a public waterfront park.

I just wish that supporters would quit using the mantra that “realistically, before all this started happening, this part of the park was never used.”

Personally, I have been using the area near the current children’s waterpark for picnics for years, largely because it is so shaded and partially because it is a bit quieter than the beach area to the west.

I am glad Jason Cox had a chance to show his support for the waterslides as a private citizen.

However, as he is president of the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, I take offence at his statement “the decision’s already been made.”

“It’s not going to stop.”

If I was convinced that the majority of the people in Penticton wanted the waterslide development to proceed, I would accept that decision and move on. However, support for the slides within Skaha Lake Park appears to be nowhere near a majority and opposition appears to be much greater.

Maybe a referendum is needed as long as the Chamber of Commerce and city council abide by the outcome.

Randy Prime