Mike Pearce says it best

Dear Editor:

Mayor and council, and the Chamber of Commerce are losing a lot of respect over the Skaha Park issue.

I have not talked to anyone in favour of the waterslides in the park — tourist or residents. Marina and restaurant, yes. All residents and tourist are for a waterslide on private land. Mayor and council and the Chamber must be only talking amongst themselves, there are other citizens in town.

The whole proposal seems seasonal at best.

Marina: 4 – 5 months

Restaurant: 4 – 5 months (when tourists are around)

Waterslide: 3 – 4 months  (when tourists are around)

This is not a business the City should be partners in.

This issue will follow the mayor and council  and Chamber around like a bad smell, unless some of them call for a referendum.

The walkway was done and paid for by the City — not a private company. It took a year or so of discussion to come up with what we have, many different proposal were considered from no cars, one-way traffic, no parking, paving Power Street parks for parking, etc.

Former mayor Mike Pearce’s comment about “covering up the Mona Lisa with a Miller editorial” (Herald, Aug. 17) nailed it.

People and business will come if we have an abundance of green parks and beaches.

The City does not have to give away park land for hotels and waterslides. I could go on and on.

Please keep the town livable.

Call a referendum. (We can raise the money on social media.)

We love Penticton.

Garth Bathgate