Meeting or a school of dance?

Dear Editor:

I attended the evening meeting of city council (Oct.4, 2016). It was somewhat enlightening although hardly invigorating. Watching fruit flies on fruit probably would have been more entertaining.

After the main portion of business had been dealt with I had a chance, during the public question period, to address council with a yes-or-no question

The question was worded as follows: “As per Section 11.1 (a) of City of Penticton and Trio Marina agreement signed August 4, 2015 has Trio fully met ALL of the stated ‘conditions’ that were due Oct.1, 2016?”

Not only did I not get a yes or no answer, I got some mumbo jumbo about the two pending lawsuits and that council is dealing with it and is waiting for some correspondence and that this tropic was not on the agenda.

I was also told that a similar question came up during the afternoon session of council and that a similar answer had been given. I followed this political balderdash with another yes or no question: “Considering council’s track record of transparency, openness, and accountability by not giving a direct yes or no answer… is there something that council is afraid to disclose?”

The mayor literally danced around these questions more smoothly than the likes of some of the legendary male soft-shoe dancers, for example: Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson, et al. Once again, openness and transparency be damned! It is pretty shameful when a duly elected official seems to take a page from U.S. jurisprudence by invoking a quasi fifth amendment plea!

When questioned by Mr. James Miller regarding clarification of a proposed bylaw item which was brought up and passed earlier, the mayor was hard pressed to elaborate. The issue was referred to the staff officer responsible who once again side-stepped it by saying that he could get the information by the next day.

The question was then posed to the council as a whole. Not one of the councillors seemed to know anything about this bylaw or if they did, remained silent. The irony here is that council as a whole voted on and passed unanimously an item that nobody seemed to know anything about! “Once again council succeeds at its own level of incompetence!”

Shades of the Peter Principle or what?

Ron Barillaro