Mayor’s decision vindictive, wrong

Dear Editor:

 With respect to Mayor Jakubeit’s refusal to allow Dr. Gerry Karr’s participation on the Parks Commission (Herald, Feb. 22), I find this decision to be vindictive, pig-headed and wrong.

Dr. Karr is no less a citizen than the mayor or any other member of council and should have all the privileges and rights accorded to him.

Who has a greater interest in parks in general than someone who is willing to put his reputation on the line for the greater good, betterment and security, of those parks?

If we believe in the adage, “if we don’t know our history,we are bound to repeat it,” a few short years ago, the mayor of the day and adeveloper pushed  (and very nearly succeeded) for the development of a condo-hotel on Lake Okanagen Park.

A group was formed (Protect our Parks) to vigorously protest this proposal. As a result  of their  legal action against the City, Okanagen Lake Park was saved for the enjoyment of all citizens. If it were not for those dedicated citizens’ willingness  to speak out and resist the mayor and council of the day… no Peachfest, no Elvis Festival, no Ribfest, no Lake Okanagan Park.

Development of Skaha Park should likewise be resisted. In a democracy, if those who hold power, no matter how petty that power is, will not listen to reason, the only option for the people is referendum or the judiciary.

Ben Amos