Mayor will not get re-elected

Dear Editor:

With all due respect, Ms. Sharon Romank, your comments on Skaha Lake Park are confusing (Herald, Nov. 7).

You ask why do we have to fight instead of talking and moving forward. Massive demonstrations against commercialization of the park have been ignored, so many people crammed into council chambers that the mayor had to herd his group of minions down the hall for another of his infamous in-camera meetings. Still they try to stick Trio’s big greasy toe in the door to spoil what has been judged Canada’s ninth prettiest park.

No offence, but you don’t update a park by paving over grass, removing trees, and slowly pick away at what has taken years to put together. Why would the leases of people who run things, like the existing concession stand, not have their lease renewed so it can be given to Trio Marine? Why do we need a kiosk in the middle of the park? We have to assume it will be in the middle because no plot plan has been released, unless I dozed off and missed it.

This is not the mayor’s little fiefdom where he has the right to move things around like pieces on a chess board. He has to know from the professional poll that The Herald conducted that he has no chance what so ever of re-election, so what is his end game?

Nondisclosure agreements, extensions on deadlines, in camera meetings complete with announcements with no concern about the will of the people.

There is more to this than we are being told and we are being treated like little children that have no idea how to “move things forward.” They don’t have to move forward, they’re doing quite nicely the way they are and we are not a bunch of children who need to be led around by the nose.

It will be cheaper to pay off Trio than drag this thing through court. We can only hope that we can stall it for two more years so we can have a council that will listen to the people but the way they are slowly cutting out citizens from operating facilities and “giving” the contracts to Trio, you can smell the sleaze for miles.

I think they hope to have done enough damage when their terms are up that there will be no turning back.

Jack Goode