Mayor really considering re-election bid?

Dear Editor:

I find it very  interesting  that you have kept your sense of humour when addressing the controversy of “Casinogate” in your editorial (Herald, July 7). Really, the mayor accepted a donation of $2,500 for his mayoral campaign. I had to read that time a couple of times… between my fits of laughter.

I’m assuming that was for the 2014 election campaign and not the 2018 campaign.

For him or anyone for that matter to suggest seriously that he will have a mayoral campaign has to be a joke or a misquote.

Really seriously, any thoughts that he has that he has any chance of being returned to that office after the way he has treated the citizens of our fair city can only be classified as  delusional.

This after the Skaha Lake fiasco, the parking meters at city parks, the corruption of the casino situation. Way to go, Mr. Miller, very enlightening, amazing and unbelievable all at the same time. Surely there must be a Greg Perry cartoon to go along with this statement.

K.S. Baxter