Mayor of Penticton is not an entry level job

Dear Editor:

First of all, let me set the scene. A board room with four or five people looking for a suitable mayoral candidate for Penticton.

“Let’s look at some resumes. We’ll start with Andrew Jakubeit.”

“He wants to use public land for private enterprise against the wishes of the people of Penticton to install a water park and waterslides, and refuses to hold a referendum on the issue, because he knows it will be defeated.”

“He wants to also install a BMX track on Munson Mountain, also against the wishes of the people.”

“He also wants to put up a five star hotel to replace a ball diamond and other buildings, with the delusion that if we build it, all conventioneers will all of a sudden want to hold their conferences here.”

“How can there be democracy if we do not have a voice?”

“Let’s face it, Mayor of Penticton is not an entry level job. Nice hair, though.”

Mark Billesberger