Mayor needs to listen

Dear Editor:

Mayor Jakubeit recently stated in the local press, “we all have the best of intentions when it comes to moving our city forward.” I suggest that he stops leading us in the dark.

This mayor and council consistently bring forth new images developed in camera. The use of secret discussions, negotiations and decisions is the problem here. This practice is paternalistic, ingenuous and sneaky. Penticton is not “Father Knows Best.” We are not to be shuffled off upstairs while the adults have the important discussions in secret.

Making a good impression with sound decisions takes consistent application of principles. We are not impressed with “wow” or “gee.”

What began as a scavenger hunt for the “underutilized,” has resulted in a frantic approach to revenue generation.

Instead of using a clipboard to itemize potential revenue, spend some quality time in the peaceful quiet which our parks provide. Unless you have walked in our shoes, you just can’t get the pinch we’re screaming about.

In short city council, listen.

Barry Salaberry