Mayor likes ‘yes’ people

Dear Editor:

It doesn’t seem that long ago that various people, such as politicians, business leaders, mobsters, had what were referred to as “yes men” (nowadays that would be a “yes person”). They said “yes” to everything the boss proposed.

The mayor, when setting up a Parks Committee, seems to only want people that agree with his opinion.  Isn’t the idea of a committee usually to get different opinions?

Even in the U.S., where democracy is on the decline, the government committees have members from each party (Republican and Democrat) with the ruling party having the majority.

How do you get diverse ideas if you only have people on committees who agree with you?

Why does Penticton’s mayor and council seem to concentrate so much on the 100 and 200 blocks of downtown?

When we have some water mains breaking and so much re-paving required on so many streets, why doesn’t mayor and council spend more time, effort and taxes on the infrastructure?

 Lloyd Creech