Mayor lacks understanding says retired English teacher

Dear Editor:

As a former English teacher I thought last week’s Mayor’s Minute could be quite useful in teaching a class the meaning of irony.

“Everyone has a right to their opinion (and) should…be respected for having an opinion.” Yet when opinions are respectfully offered, the mayor dismisses them as having no value because they are from members of the “vocal minority” or perhaps because they are from “a little old lady”.

How does that show respect?

Another instance of irony is the mayor’s statement: “That night I felt democracy took a back seat.”  So did I!

The vast majority of those present at the rally voiced their opinions loudly and clearly, yet were

ignored by the mayor and council.  How does that demonstrate democracy? It is obvious that the mayor doesn’t understand the definition of democracy, the basic tenets of which are: people coming together, voicing their opinions, forming a collective will and engaging in affirmative action to challenge the power of government.

No, Mr. Mayor, democracy wasn’t in the back seat. It was front and centre and you weren’t listening.

Sharon Lindstrom