Mayor insults the citizens

Dear Editor:

An engagement officer?

Why can’t the mayor and councillors be a little more engaging? One year ago this week, Mayor Andrew Jakubeit totally ignored the wishes of hundreds of Penticton people and rushed to sign the deal with Trio giving away priceless beachfront property at Skaha Park and then said: “It’s a done deal.”

What an insult.

How many people would have voted for this mayor and councillors if they had known the first order of business would be to give themselves extended medical coverage and dental benefits at a cost to the taxpayer?

At the last meeting Council was asked if they read local newspapers.

Coun. Max Picton stated: “I find news tends to focus on negative aspects around the community more often than positive,” so no he does not read them.

Does he not watch news on television or on the Internet?

Thanks to people who write in often to editor, they express themselves very well and speak for a lot of us who have the same thoughts.

Maureen Johnson