Marina lease holders will announce plans early-2015

Trio Marine, the new lease holders for the Skaha Marina, are trying to get in touch with current slip holders as they prepare to take over.

“We’re trying to get everything organized and go at the end of the year,” said Rob Campbell, spokesman for Trio, adding that their lease takes effect Jan. 1. “We will be in there right away to start cleaning up.”

One of the main goals, though, is to prepare a list of current slip holders who want to continue.

“We don’t know who they are. We are not getting much assistance in that regard,” said Campbell.

“It is making it a little bit difficult for us. We don’t want to have any bad feelings with the current people that have been in there for years, we are just trying to find them,” he said. “If they have been in there for a number of years, we want them to have the first opportunity to retain their slip.”

Trio does hope to expand the number of slips available, but that won’t happen in the 2015 season.

Trio is planning a major redevelopment of the marina site, but Campbell still isn’t willing to say what shape that will take.

“Early in the new year, when a couple of things are settled, then we will be going out for complete public announcements with all the information pertaining to what is going to happen down there,” he said, adding that Trio’s silence on plans is at the request of the City of Penticton.

“We had to sign an agreement with the city and they just want to make sure that when this process rolls out it is done the right way with the least amount of backlash,” said Campbell.

There will be some changes in 2015, possibly including a small restaurant with a lakeside patio, which will be placed in front and beside the existing retail building.

“That is the tentative plan,” said Campbell. “We’re still working through that with the city right now.”

Campbell also said boaters can expect some safety upgrades to the existing docks as well as some aesthetic upgrades to the building and grounds. Other changes to the operation will be minimal. The Marina will continue to operate and provide slip rentals, fuel sales, boat rentals, water sport recreational rentals and sales with additional retail space.

“We are working with another group to provide things like all of the lake or water sport retail, that would be things like stand-up paddleboards and kayaks and beach clothing, any of that kind of stuff,” he said. “There will also be, as part of the fuel sales, things related to boats: fenders and lifejackets, oil and batteries, that type of basic stuff.”