Making Marx at Skaha Park

Dear editor,

I am sure that many of your readers will remember the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers.

Their movies and television episodes were a mixture of zany capers fraught with mishaps and misunderstandings.

Maybe this sounds a lot like that which is happening with the proposed Skaha Park development.

The Marx Brothers and the Stooges have been running around one another for almost three years trying to get the upper hand on the citizens of Penticton.

Act I has the Three Stooges sitting at a bar thinking about ways to make some cash.

Moe says, “Let’s approach the city with a plan to make over Skaha Park, put in lots of amenities, never mind that we have no funding.”

Curly jumps in with his hare-brained idea to put in waterslides as well knowing they will never get approval from the citizenry and regulatory agencies. Yikes! Larry jumps ship!

Act II has the Marx Brothers salivating over the anticipated revenue from the proposal … think tax dollars!

Act III has the citizens up in arms, organizing rallies, protests, wanting to maintain the status quo.

Act IV and the Marx Brothers come up with new recommendations. Only they are not new, merely recycled, and reworded.

Groucho and Zeppo pretend to listen to citizen comment. Also in Act IV is the objective to make Penticton into an “adventurous waterfront city.” That is the strategic priority objective for the city. I think that is one of Chico’s lines.

As they say on Monday Night Football, “Come on, man.” If you want adventure go to Miami Beach, Marseilles, or Vancouver.

Act V shows Moe and Curly leaving town with a suitcase full of cash after the Marx boys agree to a cash payout of the taxpayers money to put this debacle to rest.

Harpo beeps goodbye.

Hollywood could not come up with such a stinker of a plot.

The end, I wish.

Chris MacKay