Majority opposes commercializing

Most people probably know by now that the City of Penticton is working on producing a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. A steering committee has been appointed to assist this process.

All well and good. However, we the taxpayers or citizens of Penticton (the rightful owners of the parks), need to express our views and opinions to what level we wish to see commercialization take place in our parks.

We need to address or visualize how commercialization may impact our time, enjoyment and activities in our parks. How would we, for example, feel if one day our favourite walk is blocked by a “No Trespass, No public Access” sign or maybe a fence. There will be a building or a commercial business on a portion of our park (leased by the City to the commercial operator) where we walked, picnicked or played yesterday. Or maybe, your favourite beach is no longer accessible ?

I urge everyone in Penticton to become informed and become involved before it’s too late. The last time commercialization in one of our parks was proposed (in Skaha Lake Park) and had already become a done deal without our knowledge or consent, it took a lot effort, protests and legal costs to get it finally right.

An overwhelming majority of us opposed commercialization in our parks but it took a lot of effort to get the message across and set it right.

Let’s be proactive this time! Please get involved !

Frank Focken