Lumped in with sewage

Dear Editor:
According to the city newsletter:Penticton is a vibrant, innovative, adventurous waterfront City focused on sustainability, community and economic opportunity.
Wonderful vision statement. Now I know why council needs a communications director.

Vibrant: Active with daytime activities by a growing segment of the population dedicated to preserving parkiand from commercial intrusion assisted by an active native population intent on retaining their heritage.

Innovative: Commercializing parkland is the best innovation since sliced bread.

Adventurous: Lives on the cutting edge; refusing referendums; ignoring native rights and essential environmental studies protecting myriad wildlife in area; despite warnings from a former minister of lndian affairs, Tom Siddon.

Waterfront: Sees waterfront as a business opportunity to give developers with no financial backing a leg up to pursue pie-in-the-sky get rich quick schemes.

Focused: Council is quickly compounding the idiocy of a “mandate for change”.  Senior staff inadequacies are hampering the ability of council to govern.

Sustainability: Council certainly sustains. Council would rather spend $60,000 to $100,000 on a law suit, than $30,000 on a referendum.

Why are taxpayers’ being forced into subsidizing and/or extending time limits on poorly researched projects? Great staying power council!
Community: Successfully divided the community against itself.  We are no longer a community that works together and plays together.  To make up for the shortcomings of senior staff; mayor and council, we petition; protest; picket and research together instead.

Economic Opportunity:  Hotel on parkland and other commercial projects show a blatant disregard for the history of our community.  This travesty is combined with ignorance of basic requirements to research covenant; environmental or native rights issues and is accentuated by the senior staff and council’s disastrously stunted vision for this city.
It is time for this council and Trio to cut and run on the lease portion of the contract.


Elvena Slump