Look no further than Skaha Park for failed democracy

Penticton mayor and council took 20 minutes to privately debate the dozens of ideas and arguments, put forward by citizens, affecting the fate of millions of dollars worth of public real estate at Skaha Park.

Port-a-potties for downtown got more public debate time.

Mayor and council approved the fate of that real estate, while hundreds stood outside their office asking for more input,  was that  a democratic  process? Not in my view, but we now have port-a-potties for our rallies. The  rally held on Sept. 6 is about more than a referendum or a park, it’s about democracy. Our right to be heard.

If you are looking for a  symbol of how democracy was failed by the senior staff, city council  and mayor of Penticton look no further than Skaha Lake Park.

Lynn Crassweller