Location is the issue here

Dear Editor:

This letter is not about a water park, only about the proposed location.

If Trio Marine wants to invest here in the city more power to them. But the water park should not be erected on publicly-owned parkland.

We re-elected three former veteran councillors with several years experience. They should have known that you cannot hand over public parkland for 29 years to a for profit company without asking for public input.

Penticton’s citizens were surprised, upset and angry when they finally learned what was about to happen. They presented mayor and council with a petition calling for a referendum but were ignored because a referendum was deemed too costly.

One year later the city is facing two lawsuits which will be considerately more expensive than a simple referendum. Monies that are needed for maintenance and repairs to infrastructures will now be wasted on court costs and lawyers’ fees.

Skaha Lake Park should be left as is, a beautiful respite for everyone to freely enjoy. There is also the matter of the riparian area which is environmentally sensitive and which would become a paved parking lot.

Mayor and council should listen to the concerns of the people who elected them.

Joan Eschbach