Little old lady talks Skaha

Many, as the mayor calls us, “little old ladies” came to Penticton to retire and we brought money, bought houses, condos, apartments, pay property tax and vote for city council.

We buy locally; cars, furniture, large appliances and have local trades persons do renovations. We shop locally for groceries, have sport club memberships, support local art by buying it, are members of the Penticton Art Gallery and listen to the Okanagan Symphony. Go to the opera, movies, enjoy our local actors in plays and you can see us tapping our feet at the Penticton Jazz Festival. Also, we do volunteer work.

On the whole, we and many little old men are the mainstay of this town. Many of us are very well-educated and find it rather disturbing to be labelled little old people as yes we do have an opinion and are now shaking our heads at the total insanity of this council who are basically giving away or rather selling our Skaha beach parkland. Well, it is time this “little old lady” jumps on the motorbike (locally bought) and help out at the Soupateria. I urge everybody to come to the rally July 20 at 5 p.m. in front of City Hall.

Elaine Vonck