Listen to the people city council

As we add our names to the growing list of Pentictonites who oppose city council’s acceptance of a plan to give up public parkland for a private enterprise, we praise the vision and planning skills of previous mayors and councils who created our wonderful Skaha Park.

Slowly and deliberately, the homes across from the beach were purchased, traffic eliminated from the beach front, the walkway extended to Sudbury Beach and facilities for all-age enjoyment were added.   Who’d have thought the old marshy area along South Main Street would become a busy park with families enjoying year round activities?

Paths have been added, varied plantings replaced the many pines lost to the huge wind storms, sports equipment and courts have been added, the dragon boats are stored with easy access, and community groups have added the sun dial, the gazebo, the Discovery Park, and the waterpark. Truly a park to be proud of!

Waterslides in our climate operate at best three months. The playground equipment is used for 12 months, and the walkways are swept for winter enjoyment. When the ponds freeze over, families skate and play hockey.

We do not need a huge plastic three-month monstrosity ruining the integrity of our park. Let the developers find private land and wish them well. This council’s decision to ignore public input and proceed to replace our parkland with a waterslide and parking leaves us puzzled.

Give up part of a beautiful park in the hopes of receiving enough shared income to build another park elsewhere? Give your heads a shake. The citizens have spoken. Why can’t you hear?

Bill and Doreen Bobbitt