Listen and act

I’m from Sydney, Australia, staying with my sister, married to a Penticton man, living here for over 20 odd years.

I was fortunate to be staying here when the wonderful play area at Skaha was being built. I took my niece and nephew to play, run, enjoy this play area. What pleasure it gave to all of us.

What it did for the children, parents of this lovely family orientated town was incredible. I watch from their house above this area, the happiness, the laughter, the get together of friends, enjoying this wonderful area created by the very productive council, the vision they had then.

What’s happened now?

They are taking this area away to something that only would benefit a small group of people for a short period of time, in my point of view.

Please, listen to the people of your wonderful town — their needs, their concerns. It’s the future that they are concerned about, not greed.

The needs of the people is of utmost importance.

Please listen and act for the best of the community — their children, parents and grandparents. Very important people.

Thanks for listening to my concerns

Lyn Barry