Lip service to democracy

Dear Editor:

On the Knowledge Network is a  program, Coast Australia.  One recent segment told this story.

In the late 1800s a lighthouse was built. It was built in the wrong place causing the loss of many ships and many lives. The public, the seafarers and the ocean pilot authority petitioned the government for 38 years to have it moved.

 For 38 years, ego, stubbornness, a lack of intelligence or willingness to admit an error stopped that from happening. Apparently politicians wouldn’t listen to reason or respect democracy. Losing the democratic process is not life-threatening in our case, but it is our system and it should be respected.

Here in Penticton in 2016 democracy is given lip service with hand-picked committees, ignored protests and petitions, discrediting media lines and the refusal to hold a referendum. Good thing there is no lighthouse involved.

Lynn Crassweller