Let’s Hear From Everyone

Dear Editor:

As a Chamber of Commerce member and a resident of Penticton who goes to  Skaha Lake Park for the sheer natural beauty and a peaceful swim at least four times a week, I would very much like to hear from all the council members as to their reasons why they believe the water park is beneficial to the community and especially what their reasons are as to why we shouldn’t hold a referendum on this important issue.

It is important because the landscape of our public park will be changed for generations to come. We have heard from the mayor through the press, but councillors have been publicly very silent on this contentious issue. I believe they owe it to the voters to explain their reasoning. Their decision was made very hastily after the public meeting, following an overwhelming outpouring of negative comments from the public.

Most councillors stated that they felt the majority of the people of Penticton were for the water park. Do they still feel this way? If so, then tell us why you don’t want to hold a referendum to settle this divisive issue once and for all.

At the end of the July 29 Council meeting the mayor stated, “Trust us, we hear you.”   Coun. Judy Sentes also said “we do hear you.” If you are still listening please let us know. I am hoping that every council member could either be interviewed by the press or each write a letter to be published in the press. Please respect the voters who elected you.

Claire Keys
Penticton, BC