Let’s stop this nonsense now

Dear Editor:

Since 1954 when I arrived in Penticton and decided to stay  (for ever) I have seen many mayors, councillors and managers come and go. We have had some brilliant peoples serve us over the years and others were mediocre.

But I think we never had so many people in City Hall with such little common sense until now! When one  listens to some of the statement by the mayor and some councillors at the last city council  meeting one can only shake one’s head .

The mayor recently stated that a percentage of the profit from the water park would  be used to acquire new parkland and or improvements for existing parks.

We have a very nice water park in that area  built and paid for by the Skaha Rotary Club with no cost to the city. It can be used by anyone for free.

Now staff and city council intend to bulldoze it and many wonderful old pine trees out of there and replace it with some waterslides that will be open for maximum of two-and-a-half months per year .

I would like to know how many years of 10 per cent profit it will take till the city can replace the present park?

Does anyone out there — anyone at all — think that common sense was used in this instance ?

The many letters to the editor in the Herald  and the Western News show that the vast majority of the Penticton taxpayers (by last count a 30-to-2 ratio) are enraged about the outrageous decisions Council and staff have made lately.

I wonder if certain councillors and the mayor could be impeached for not acting in the best interests of the people as I think they promised to do when they where sworn in.

Please, people, keep on writing letters, phone or email a councillor  and let’s stop this nonsense .

Bernie Strohmann