Let’s go back to the drawing board

Dear Editor:

In response to some of your questions to Mayor Andrew Jakubeit (Herald, Aug. 17).

Question 2: How many priceless trees will be removed?

Mayor’s answer: Trees will be removed at Trio’s discretion or indiscriminately if they are in the way of a parking lot.

Question 4.  What are Trio going to do with regards to the marsh? Has Trio asked Ducks Unlimited for their opinion about how to deal with this problem?

Answer: The marsh will remain, sandwiched between parking lots, most likely leading to stress and disease for the ducks.

Question  6:  Since much of the work over the past few years has been done by donation from various city groups, like the Rotary Club, TD Bank and so on, will the City have to pay these groups for their loss investment?

Answer: No.

Question 7:  Why is the mayor the spokes person for Trio when he is supposed to represent all people of Penticton?

Answer: The mayor is required to be Trio spokesman  according to the lease agreement. (Section 29.2 of the lease agreement; Communications to the public Penticton and Trio agree that it would be beneficial to work together on communicating the benefits of this Agreement to the public and shall work collaboratively in all communications to the public about this Agreement.)

I have to agree with the many other letter writers, this is a horrible deal for the public considering the sacrifice that needs to be unnecessarily made. I feel there is a solution that will benefit all, relocate the waterslides and scale down the marina.

In other words, back to the drawing board. Let’s get this right for everyone’s sake!

Adam Burgess