Let’s get behind the waterslide development

Dear Editor:

Lately when I read the newspapers, (more accurately the editorials) I am discouraged at the amount of negativity I see in regards to the Skaha Park redevelopment. As a mother, a business owner and a taxpayer I thought it was time that I put my opinion out for Penticton to see.

Not everyone in Penticton is against the improvements that Trio Marine Group will bring to our park and yes, I say “our” park as it belongs to every man, woman and child who resides within our City limits. That means that I also have a say with what happens to it and I believe that water slides, mini golf, restaurants and more marina space will not only benefit that end of town but all of us Pentictonites, the tourists. Not to mention the revenue it will provide to the city, which is alreadyearmarked for acquiring and upkeep of green space.

The message the naysayers are portraying with vigor is that Penticton is not a place to move to, especially if you want to start/build a new business. How many new businesses have heard about the fighting and name calling? How many people have been warned away from Penticton and taken their businesses and jobs elsewhere due to the hostile climate? How many tourists will never return after being

confronted at both Skaha Beach and the downtown market by eager petitioners?

I encourage anyone who is in support of this development to write to the paper and help me fill it with positive letters of encouragement and support. You may have said to yourself “I don’t have time to write a letter, I’m a parent, I work for a living, I’m busy all day and night” but this is too important to allow the silent majority to stay silent any longer. Please send your letters of support!

Alena Zamorano