Leave precious park land alone

Dear Editor:

It has been proven that parks/green spaces are essential for the health (physical and mental) of the people who dwell within a city, no matter the size of the city. This is reason enough for Skaha Lake Park to remain as is.

It will be a huge mistake to allow waterslides to be built in Skaha Park. There is no way that waterslides will remain viable for 29 years, which is the length of the lease Trio has been given.

What happens if and when the slides wear out or the business goes belly up? There has been no good reason offered in the first place as to why this lease has been given.

There are other more appropriate land available.

The Penticton Indian Band has not been given the funds to look into whether or not the proposed lease property is sacred or not. At present, the band is not in favour of the lease, and I am sure it would be expensive to be sued by the band.

The whole situation has gone far beyond just being stupid. A referendum is not required. What the City Fathers need to do is revoke the lease, pay the price for that, (probably cheaper than 2 or 3 lawsuits and a referendum) and just leave our precious park land alone.

Shirley Shorter