Lawsuit will cost taxpayers twice

Dear Editor:

It is sad when Penticton taxpayers not only have to pay to sue their own municipal government but also through their taxes pay for the defence of the City. But it looks like that is what is going to happen. Maybe it is time we questioned whether there should be some personal financial

liability attached to actions of council or City staff when clearly such actions are against the wishes of the community.

This Council in its short mandate has seriously divided and eroded community confidence and cast doubt on their ability to govern. They have created havoc amongst the business community with threats of boycotts and pitted neighbour against neighbour.

When this case gets to court a couple of years down the road everything will be open to examination. This includes the approximate two years of behind the scenes discussions between City Hall and Trio. Who discussed what with who and when? What happened in camera; who was involved?

We can expect to know:

Why the fees have increased so dramatically at the marina? Nearly doubling in price: Does this mean Trio has no funds for development of the marina and must raise the money with higher rates before expansion?

Is this the way the City does business now? Don’t we expect business proposals put before the City to prove they have the funds for development of a fairly small portion of their proposed development before we award them a contract? Didn’t we make this mistake with the Eckhardt Avenue hockey dorm? Has Council learned from the mistakes of the past?

Should council deny a renewal of contract to the previous marina managers and then award a contract doubling marina costs so that a private contractor can raise money for expansion? If that is the case why not allow the long-term managers the same deal? Is this normal behavior? Is that how City Hall conducts business these days?

These are only some of the questions that will be answered fully in court. The Save Skaha group will have their day and we the public will have some answers at last.

Elvena Slump