Lakeside much different scenario

Dear Editor:

Re: “Hotel manager’s position is ironic” by Randy Clements (Herald, Sept. 19).

I must take exception to Randy Clements’ comments in regards to David Prystay and his Lakeside Resort hotel property.

Perhaps Mr. Clements has not been in the area long enough to know that the hotel was on that location for several years before David and his family became the owners.

That land was owned by CP Rail and purchased from them by private citizens of Penticton who built the existing hotel.

The ownership group changed a few times and the hotel was managed by two different hotel chains previously to David’s family purchasing it in 1993.

Since that time they have spent more than $ 100,000 on shoreline improvements and continue to spend close to that amount yearly to maintain grounds and the foreshore.

When the casino was added, David and his family spent another $100,000 to build the pathway and the bridge to the Art Gallery from the hotel.

They also donated another $80,000 to the Penticton Fly Fishers for Penticton Creek Restoration, which was spent and you can check it out upstream from Ellis Street just recently.

On another note while mentioning moneys being generously donated by Gateway Casinos that laughably is coming out of the profits that are supposed to be forwarded to the community, so yet another good deal negotiated by City Council. Donating of our tax dollars back to us, how good is that?

David and his hotel are also one of the biggest sponsors of Survivorship and the Dragon Boat Festival.

If you managed to take in any of the Dragon Boat Festival you may have witnessed how much of Skaha Park is utilized to host all the teams and vendors.

He has every right to wear his heart on his sleeve like obviously you do too Mr. Clements. He cares about this community and people need to know some of these things that they quietly have done before they get too critical of the Lakeside.

Furthermore the garbage-collecting lagoon would not collect anything but weeds and wood if people would quit throwing their garbage in the lake and rivers.

He and the Lakeside are also some of the biggest supporters of community events in this area as well and yes it is ironic that the previous letter before Mr. Clements was a thank you letter in Monday’s Herald from yet another community event he has helped sponsor and let make use of his facilities.

This Mickey Mouse decision by our city council and mayor to up root Skaha Lake Park has done more to divide this community and make anyone question why would you volunteer for or sponsor anything here.

George Bergquist