Lakeside marina differs from Trio

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Greig Goldstone’s query comparing the liquor license at Skaha Marina to the Penticton Lakeside Resort  (Herald, Sept 10).

The Lakeside Resort owns foreshore rights extending 200 linear feet into the water. This unique four/five star resort has a beach and marina under private ownership. Access is at the pleasure of the Lakeside Resort.

The marina feature at the Lakeside is one of many amenities offered to guests staying at the resort.

You can attend a convention; stay in the hotel; park your vehicle and your boat. Lakeside Resort supplies a range of vacation needs for travelers and their focus is on a complete vacation experience.  Castaway’s Water Sports leases land from the Lakeside and rents out water sport equipment (another amenity). Castaway’s is a private business providing a boating experience; with no liquor license.

Now compare this to Skaha Marina.

Trio by contrast wishes to invade public park land; public beach and public water frontage. Skaha Marina’s purpose is to berth boats. The restaurant is there ostensibly to give boating enthusiasts an opportunity to eat whilst on the water.

This is great if they only serve food and no liquor.

The main reason for going to the public Skaha Marina is to go boating. If that was not the main reason they would not need that huge boat trailer parking lot to facilitate their guests.

In order to expand the public marina Trio, with the permission of the City, has nearly doubled the berthing rates. This has caused consternation not only with local boaters but amongst some long-time tourists.

I met a couple from Langley at Skaha. She has been coming here since childhood (40 years). Her husband has been coming for 20. They bring their boat up each year and rent space at Skaha Marina. Imagine their shock to find not incremental increases but a nearly doubling of the rates accompanied by a decrease in maintenance with goose poop littering the docks.

It cost just under $400 to berth their boat for a week. They come for Skaha Park and beach; and love dining at Salty’s.

Comparing the public Skaha Marina to the private Lakeside Resort is like comparing a bicycle to a Mercedes.

There is no comparison and allowing a liquor license at a public marina on Skaha’s beach is ridiculous.

 Elvena Slump