Kudos to Penticton’s mayor and council

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit, as the successful new helm of Penticton, you personally deserve a lot of positive accolades.

I really respect what you have been doing, so keep up the future-oriented good work with all present city council. Kudos to all the new great projects on the go.

There is presently one most disturbing issue on the books for me as a senior of 75, an investor and resident of Penticton for quite a long time. Before I developed God’s Mountain Crest Chalet on Skaha Lake in 1989, I most vividly remember an endless line of cars — bumper to bumper long past midnight in mid-summer — to find spot to stay or camp out in town. Since the time of the riot everything has changed — tourism was the main draw for the town.

As a promoting member for the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association for 15 years I hosted dozens of international VIP visitors at God’s Mountain Crest Chalet and our bistro restaurant at 610 Main St. The then-great Skaha Lake waterslide park died in a real estate speculation adventure. Now there is a new, much-needed housing development endeavor there, great news.

This is complemented with the proposed — from my side, fully appreciated and most needed new lake attraction — Skaha Lake Water Park, Marina and Restaurant. This is very much needed and never should have sparked this completely not wanted public outcry for no reason threatening legal actions. It is time to wake up and smell the roses.

Based on the present, newly approved developments more and more people will come to work, settle in, live, bring their families and friends and in doing so eventually boost the long-time anticipated and needed growth of Penticton. Only senior homes and living accommodations for those over 55-plus for sure is not the future.

Ulric Lejeune