Kids deserve a waterslide

Web Managers Note:  SSP is not opposed to water slides.  SSP is opposed to using public park land which is owned by the people of Penticton for commercial for-profit purposes that will require payment to access.

Dear Editor:

It is such a shame that so many people in Penticton and other places are trying so hard to prevent the kids from having a waterslide and mini golf at Skaha Beach. Their kids and visitors will be the ones that will enjoy them.

I looked at that spot, shown in the paper for the waterslide, and it is just perfect for that. The beach and picnicking areas are nearby and it would fit in there very nicely.

Some of the reasons for not letting Trio add these amenities to the park are quite far out. Things like, next thing you know they will be putting condos, high-rise hotels and even casinos on their leased part of this park.

We all know that will not happen.

It was also mentioned that we were in a drought situation. I came to the South Okanagan in 1927, a grower for many years, and we never had a drought. The winter cold killed our soft fruit trees one year, spring frost at blossom time was often rough on getting a good crop, and rain on ripe cherries could ruin the crop. Anyway, what has drought got to do with a waterslide?

City council, ensure that all

precautions are in place. Trio, construct and operate this work at the highest standard. We’re very passionate about this park.

Rex Huntley