Kids comment on waterslide issue

It seems just about everyone is talking about the Skaha Lake Park waterslide I spoke recently with a Grade 8 class at a nameless Penticton school. I never turn down speaking engagements and mine are far from the norm because I prefer to introduce myself and then open the floor to questions. Eight times out of 10 it ends up being reasonably successful, the other two times a dud.

All of the questions were extremely well-thought out but one especially caught my attention late in the session.

“What do you think the end result of the Skaha waterslide is going to be?” a male pupil, age 12 or 13, asked.

I answered him as best I could.

I then asked the teacher’s permission to do a straw poll on how the young people feel about the issue, telling them they were welcome to abstain if they either didn’t have an opinion or didn’t want to share it.

Of the 13 kids who offered an opinion, nine were against and four were in favour. Of those four in favour, one admitted he’d go, but said he feels it’s not the right location.

Isn’t the target audience of the waterslide park teenagers?