Kelowna council shows intellect

It was encouraging to read last Friday’s Herald on Kelowna’s $12-million purchase of beach land for expanding parks.

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran, council and city planners have shown intelligence at its finest to buy parkland to accommodate urban expansion and for the benefit of its citizens.

They have shown, while progressing with commercial development, the wisdom of what is best long-term for its citizens, not strictly business minded by not forgetting the benefits of parkland to its citizens. Their transparency and genuine interest to listen to the public makes them the envy of the Okanagan.

One can only imagine how proud Kelowna’s citizens must be of their current mayor, council and senior staff . This is what we call being professional.

I am sure if there are any other cities having extreme difficulty understanding the terms professional transparency, public opinion and in the best interests, they can call Mayor Colin Basran and council at Kelowna City Hall for free advice.

City Hall’s number there is 250-469-8500 Hurry, call now, operators are anxiously awaiting to take your call.

Clifford Martin