It’s not too late

What’s not too late, is for people to come together to “engage” with the City of Penticton.

We can show the world that we, the residents of the city, are not willing to give up any of this gem — Skaha Park — for pay-to-enter, private commercial enterprise that demolishes our wonderful greenspace and changes the pleasant ambiance of the park.

It is never too late to gather together, to ask questions and be informed. Winning the legal claim will make it possible to start over, the former agreement council made will be nil and void, put back on the table, then making it an option that can be brought forward.

The official community plan (OCP) and our bylaws are not out-dated.  With regards to our public parklands, seeking the approval of the electorate  is an excellent plan. The City of Penticton needs to keep those standards if it is to act democratically. They have not done this, so far.

Thousands of people in this community and visitors who love Skaha and other parks are not out-dated and have expressed their disapproval of change to these bylaws and OCP (by rallies, petitions, letters and legal claims). It is unfortunate that we have to keep pressure on the City of Penticton to make them accountable.

To all of the people who have given their property, their money, their time and efforts to provide Penticton residents and visitors our beautiful Skaha Park that it is, thank you so much.

Thank you for being unselfish.   Thank you for having vision. Instead of developing it for financial profit for city coffers or your own pockets, you gave so that our community and visitors would benefit in ways that are far more beneficial than money.

You have given us a beautiful place where we can come to, to relax, play, exercise, socialize, to be refreshed in body, soul and spirit.

Thanks to our parks managers and workers who have maintained it so beautifully.

And, thanks also to all those who are working to save, to keep Skaha Park, perfect as it already is!

Hannah Hyland