It’s not about the waterslides!

Dear Editor:

Waterslides, waterslides, waterslides!

Would everyone pleas stop saying waterslides and look at the truth of all this (if there is any.)

I have one question.

“Who is behind this mayor? Who talked him into running so they could get what they want and not have to put their faces up front?”

The deal this mayor is handling is taking Skaha Lake Park and making it a commercial money-maker. Get the investors and prepare the paper work for future investors. We want money!

If this mayor is leasing out parkland without following established rules, fire him and stop the deal. Since this seems to be impossible, we need to stop playing the game and ask him to quit.

We need this park as is. We don’t have to work at tourism, we are blessed with this community. The word is out.

Call an election.

This needs a courtroom.

Dolores E. Dunkley