Issue is parkland not waterslides

Dear Editor:

Skaha Lake Park or waterslide, what is the real issue?

Much has been said about the private developmental plans for Skaha Lake Park and the lease issues involved. Maybe some clarification is needed here.

Initially, when this redevelopment came to light, many people were of the opinion that the waterslide was the primary issue and campaigned on that to forestall Trio and its plans to essentially build a water slide and revamp the marina in the park. The hue and cry was very plainly “No” to a waterslide with the park redevelopment implied but not directly stated in this as well.

Looking down from a mountain top, one might surmise that building a waterslide was not the main reason for the group rallies and group protestation. Instead, it should centre around the re-allocation by City of Penticton of parkland use.

In reality, there are probably not too many people that are opposed to a waterslide, per se, being built anywhere in the city as long as it’s not on public property. Most probably feel that if someone wants to build a waterslide or a plethora of waterslides, let them do so, but on privately held land.

Back to square one. The real issue here is re-development on public land by a private company given approval by COP without consultation of the electorate.

So now the City finds itself in a legal bind on several fronts.

Something new… you say? Not!

In summary, this whole thing might have been avoided if due diligence instead of impulsivity had been the order of the day. Might does not make right. Never has and never will! Overall, most people probably don’t give 16 damns how many waterslides are built provided that they are not located on public property. People just care about public land being preserved in its natural state for the benefit of the public and public use. City Hall are you listening?

Ron Barillaro