Is this a ploy for condominiums?

Dear Editor:

There has to be a reason behind our mayor and council wishing to install parking meters at both of our beautiful beaches and elsewhere in town.

It can’t be to make money as all this will do is drive tourists and citizens from our beaches and parks.

We will still do our daily walk along the beaches but will park on side streets and walk a little further. Tourists will go elsewhere and not spend their vacation dollars on our fair city.

This was confirmed to me by some tourists at the parade on Saturday who have been coming here for years for their summer vacation. Then what will be the outcome?

Oh yes of course, as the parks and beaches are being under-utilized, we had better build condos and more commercial businesses to fill the empty spaces.

The late Sandro (Sandy) Mucci, a former owner of a motel close to Okanagan Lake, spent a lot of his time and energy promoting tourism in Penticton. After being ticketed for parking his motor home in the parking lot west of Skaha Lake beach one afternoon, he was instrumental in having motor home parking spaces installed there.

I just know Sandy must be turning in his grave at this parking meter fiasco.

Susan Paisley